Anthropology Faculty Participate in National Park Service Archaeological Prospection Workshop

Posted on 5/27/2014 2:19:47 PM

Ben Ford and Beverly Chiarulli (retired) demonstrated the IDS Stream X multi-array ground penetrating radar system at the National Park Service Archaeological Prospection Workshop, May 19–23, 2014.

IUP is the only academic institution in the U.S. to own this piece of equipment. The IDS Stream X was acquired with a National Science Foundation Major Research Instrumentation grant.

The National Park Service hosted the workshop, titled “Current Archaeological Prospection Advances for Non-Destructive Investigations in the 21st Century,” at Aztalan State Park in Jefferson County, Wisconsin.

Approximately 40 attendees, representing federal and state agencies, Native American tribes, and universities, gathered to learn the latest techniques in archaeological prospection.

IDS Stream X
Photo: IDS Stream X GPR attached to the Anthropology minivan at Aztalan State Park.

IUP Anthropology faculty participated in the workshop by demonstrating the IDS Stream X multiple-array ground penetrating (GPR) system. Assisted by Alex Novo, IDS representative, Ford and Chiarulli recorded a large portion of Aztalan State Park.

The IDS Stream X is a series of 15 GPR antennas towed behind a vehicle. This system creates much denser data than traditional GPR data collection and allows for rapid data collection.

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