Lauber Publishes Parenting Article in “M” Magazine

Posted on 6/2/2014 10:29:13 AM

Erick Lauber, Journalism, recently published an extended article titled “How To Know When You Are Done Parenting” in San Francisco’s M magazine.

The article explores the connection between Gallup’s extensive research on “wellbeing” and what leads to a satisfied and happy life, and the goals of parenting.

Lauber’s article is one of three featured articles in both the “north” and “south” editions of the magazine, which reaches over 83,000 in the Bay Area. It is a glossy, luxury publication featuring women-centric products, custom photography, and high-quality writing. Lauber’s article appeared in the April 2014 edition.

As a Journalism faculty member, Lauber publishes frequently in magazines and journals on leadership and on personal growth and development. He and his wife, Betsy, have raised three children; two have recently gone to college and the third is scheduled to attend in 2015.

Before coming to IUP, Lauber was a psychology faculty member at the University of Georgia and an owner of a training/consulting company. His PhD is in applied psychology from the University of Michigan. As a research associate with MARTI, he has conducted leadership training workshops for a broad range of nonprofit and for-profit organizations in Pittsburgh, as well as developed a student leadership academy at IUP.

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