Summer Curriculum Action Team Examines Curricular Approval Process

Posted on 8/22/2014 3:21:52 PM

IUP Provost Timothy Moerland convened a workgroup, the Summer Curriculum Action Team, over summer 2014 to examine existing policies and procedures with an aim toward providing recommendations to make the curricular process more streamlined and efficient.

The committee consisted of 14 faculty members representing the University Undergraduate and Graduate Curriculum Committees, the Liberal Studies Committee, Teacher Education Coordinator Council, Honors College, Council of Chairs, and college level curriculum committees. Additionally, the Council of Deans and Provost’s Office were represented, and the director of IT Services also served on the committee. The committee was co-chaired by IUP APSCUF President Mark Staszkiewicz and University Senate Chair David LaPorte.

This action team met multiple times over the summer and has proposed significant changes to the curricular approval process with the mutual goals of promoting curricular flexibility and promoting curricular innovation. The time to approval is critical to allow IUP to be responsive to the changing academic and financial landscape, along with the expectations of both current and future students.

For more information, or to provide comments regarding the recommended changes, please see the Curricular Approval Process website.