Japanese Tea Ceremony, October 9

Posted on 9/25/2014 10:15:23 AM

The IUP Japanese Program will host a Japanese Tea Ceremony from 10:20 to 11:50 a.m. on October 9 in the HUB’s Monongahela Room. The ceremony consists of a tea brewing workshop, the ancient tea tasting game of Chakabuki, and the Sencha (loose-leaf green tea) tea ceremony presented by Baisa School Sencha Tea Masters.

Only 35 people can participate in the ceremony, and about 10 seats are taken by students of Japanese. Participation fee is $1. If you are interested, please contact yt.kim@iup.edu.

The program is as follows. This is a 90-minute class designed for educators:

  1. Talk about modern Tea culture in Japan
  2. How to brew Sencha (hands-on, they are going to bring 10 pots so teachers can try)
  3. Play songs about tea (Zui zui zukkorobashi, and Chatsumi)
  4. Tea farming (ppt)
  5. Chakabuki (tea tasting game). Taste five different kinds of tea and guess their names
  6. History of tea (including Chinese tea presentation)
  7. Baisa-ryu school Sencha Tea ceremony

Presenters Fumiyo Iwadachi and Ami Nishiyama are coming from Handa City near Nagoya, Japan. Nishiyama also has a Chinese tea master license along with a Baisa-ryu school Sencha license. She will perform Chinese tea ceremony when they talk about the history of tea.

Department of Foreign Languages