Want To Learn Piano? Department of Music Elective Offerings

Posted on 10/15/2014 10:07:58 AM

The IUP Department of Music will offer several elective courses in spring 2015 for music majors and non-majors, including World Musical Cultures, History of Popular Music in America, iOS Ensemble, Analysis of Popular Music, Piano for Non-Music Majors, Professional Practices in Music, and Introduction to Composition.

World Musical Cultures - MUHI 281 001 - CRN 22632 - MWF 2:30–3:20

This course explores a variety of world cultures through their music. In addition to exploring music as an aesthetic art form, students will focus on music as a product and reflection of culture. Students will learn to recognize the basic elements of music, identify the musical styles of different cultures, and analyze how music communicates and reflects cultural values which enrich the lives of people in these communities. Through attendance at concerts, students will gain familiarity with musical events in their communities and reflect on their role in their own musical culture. Music reading skills are not necessary.

History of Popular Music in America - MUHI 281 002 - CRN 22648 - TR 11:00–12:15

Survey of the musical figures, styles, and cultures of popular music in the U.S. since 1945, including R&B, rock 'n' roll, musical theater, folk revival, country, soul, funk, pop, disco, punk, hip hop, metal, and more. No prerequisites, but a basic knowledge of popular music will be helpful.

iOS Ensemble - MUSC 281 001 - CRN 22633 - MW 10:10–11:00

Provides songwriting, looping, and chamber ensemble experience for virtual instruments on iPads and iPhones. Designed for both majors and non-majors. This course would be similar to a one-credit studio class with a weekly class instructional meeting, individual student practice outside of class, and culminating recitals. Chamber ensembles would be formed using music apps such as Thumb Jam, GarageBand, Figure, and Audiobus. An emphasis will be made on compositional skills and ensemble improvisation. The ability to understand music notation is not necessary.

Analysis of Popular Music - MUSC 281 002 - CRN 22634 - MW 2:30–3:20

An introduction to active listening and the materials of Western music via contemporary popular repertoire. It covers notation, basic pitch and rhythm constructors, and analysis with and without score, as well as aspects of songwriting, production, and recording. Students will have the opportunity to study popular music of their own selection. There are no prerequisites, and music-reading ability is not required.

Piano for Non-Music Majors - MUSC 281 003 - CRN 22635 - TR 11:00–11:50

For non-music majors with no significant background in piano who wish to develop basic piano skills. Emphasis on musicianship and technique through scales, harmonization, and solo/duet repertoire. Some knowledge of reading the treble and bass clef is required.

Professional Practices in Music - MUSC 481 001 - CRN 22649 - TR 6:15–7:15

Provides an overview of skills needed to be a successful, versatile, and employable musician in the 21st century. Course topics include CV preparation, self-promotion, finding/making opportunities, how to stay employed and/or get hired back, grant-writing, and developing a professional network. The course is designed for both music majors and non-majors and will be taught seminar style and include guest lectures.

Introduction to Composition - MUSC 481 002 - CRN 23747 - M 7:00–9:00

An introductory course on composing melodies, including modal, whole tone, pentatonic, and 12-tone writing. Introduction of non-triadic harmonies. Explore forms and compositional devices including canon, fugue, and theme and variation technique. Student will also study works from the repertoire that exhibit studied techniques. Practical application of skills learned will result in a final project of an original composition.