IUP Emergency Notification System Test Completed

Posted on 11/19/2014 5:01:30 PM

Update: The test of IUP's emergency notification system is complete.

IUP Police and the Office of Communications and Marketing are conducting a test of our Emergency Notification System.

In a real weather or other emergency, we would use this system to keep the campus community informed.

Did You Get a Text Message?

IUP uses text message to get weather and emergency information out quickly. If you are signed up to receive text messages, check your mobile device. You should have received a text message as part of this test.

What If You Didn’t Get a Text Message?

If you did not get a text message, and would like to receive texts in case of emergency, follow these steps.

  1. Give the message another 30 minutes to arrive: Text messages are quick, but not instantaneous. It can take some time to send over 17,000 text messages.
  2. Check the number we have on file for you: Our text message system only works if we have your correct cell phone number. To check what number we have on file for you, visit your Personal Info page in MyIUP. Then follow the “Emergency text message sign-up” link in the “Personal Information” box.
  3. If we have the the correct number but you still didn’t receive a text message: The most likely explanation is that you have opted out of text messages from your mobile device. Check the IUP website for more information on the opt message, and fill out this form to opt back in.

Know Where to Get Information

IUP also provides weather and emergency information via other channels. (Not all of these channels are being tested today.)

  1. Emergency Information Web Page: In most cases, this page will be updated before we send out text messages. There is a link to this page at the bottom of every page on IUP’s main website.
  2. IUP.edu Home Page: Weather and emergency information will also be posted here.
  3. Social Media: IUP Facebook Page and Twitter account
  4. MyIUP Portal
  5. Radio: WDAD-AM 1450, WCCS-AM 1160, U-92 FM (92.5) (Indiana, Punxsutawney, Greensburg), WTAE-AM radio (1250 Pittsburgh), KDKA-AM radio (1020 Pittsburgh)
  6. Television: KDKA-TV, WTAE-TV, WJAC-TV, WPXI-TV
  7. IUP Information Line at 724-357-7538

Know the Plan

For more information on how IUP responds to weather and other emergencies, please consult these resources: