Wildcat Regiment Band Presents Commemorative Plaque and Scholarship Donation to Music Department

Posted on 2/28/2015 11:51:57 AM

On Tuesday, February 17, members of the Wildcat Regiment Band gathered to present music faculty members Jack Stamp and Jason Worzbyt with a plaque commemorating the ensemble's latest recording, "Music from the Port Royal Band 1863-1864." Dr. Stamp and Dr. Worzbyt served as producers for the ensemble's third recording. The band also made a generous donation to the Music Department's general scholarship fund.

Wildcat 1The original Wildcat Regiment Band served faithfully from September 1861 until August 1862, when General Order No. 91 discharged all regimental bands. These musicians who formed this Civil War Band were average men who came from small towns, assorted professions, and from all walks of life. They were laborers, farmers, store keepers, and teachers, yet they were the esprit de corps for the first long year of the Civil War. Their brass band music provided fervor before a charge and quiet comfort during war's anguish.

Wildcat 2Today, the Wildcat Regiment Band is comprised of musicians of all ages and from various professional backgrounds. Like their predecessors, the current bandsmen have been recruited from the same geographical area in Pennsylvania and come from all walks of life. The ensemble has performed for historic and civic events throughout the Eastern United States. The cornets and saxhorns played by the Wildcat Band today are the same as the instruments that were in service during battle and dress parades in 1861. All of the horns date from the Civil War era, some as early as 1845. Refurbished with the skill of a true craftsman, these instruments are once again playing the melodies heard more than a century ago.

Through the year, when the band is not scheduled for performances, much time is devoted to research of original music to add to the bands continually expanding repertoire. For more information on the Wildcat Regiment Band or ordering information for "Music from the Port Royal Band 1863-1864", please visit the ensemble's website at: http://www.wildcatband.com/index.shtml.