Anthropology Department Well-Represented at Society for American Archaeology Meetings

Posted on 4/21/2015 4:06:03 PM

Four faculty members and eight students presented their work at the Society for American Archaeology annual conference in San Francisco, June 15-19, 2015.

Student and faculty presentations covered a wide array of archaeological topics, ranging from artifacts to landscapes and spanning the deep to recent pasts.

Francis Allard presented the paper “Settlement Archaeology in Southwest China during the Han Dynasty: Limitations and Approaches.” Lara Homsey-Messer presented a poster titled “Characterization of Plant Ash Morphology Using Scanning Electron Microscopy” with co-authors Janene Johnson and Karla Johnson. Ben Ford and graduate student Mark Durante presented the paper “The Potential for Submerged Prehistoric Sites Beneath Pennsylvania’s Lake Erie Waters” with co-author Katie Farnsworth (Geoscience). Sarah Neusius was a panelist on the forum “The Prospects and Challenges of Faunal Data Integration and Comparative Analysis.”

Nichole Keener presenting her poster at SAA conference
Photo: Nichole Keener presenting her poster at SAA conference

Graduate student Lauren Johnson’s poster was titled “A Seedy Affair: An Archaeobotanical Study of the Johnson Site (36IN2).” Cherilyn Gilligan also explored past diets in her poster “Moravian Ethnic Diversity: A Faunal Analysis of Northeastern Moravian Missionary Towns in Colonial America.” Nichole Keener presented her thesis research in the poster “Hanna’s Town Unbuttoned: An Archaeological Study of Clothing Adornment and Fasteners.” Amanda Rasmussen presented the poster “An Analysis of the Archaeological Remains at Fort Halifax Park.” Mark Durante’s poster was titled “A Geomorphic and Elemental Analysis of the Johnston Site (36IN2).”

IUP was also represented by our Ethics Bowl Team: Casey Campetti (captain), Lauren Jonson, Amanda Rasmussen, Cheryl Frankum, and David Breitkreutz. This year’s Bowl consisted of a group exercise to rewrite the Society’s Ethical Principles and advise the Ethics Committee as they consider revising the Principles.

2015 Ethics Bowl Team
Photo: 2015 IUP Ethics Bowl Team at SAA conference

The SAA is the United State’s largest archaeological association and one of the largest such organizations in the world. This year’s meeting attracted more than 5,000 archaeologists from around the globe. These meetings are the preeminent North American venue to discuss current archaeological research, and the attendance is dominated by professional archaeologists.

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