Web Team Update: Fall 2015

Posted on 8/21/2015 4:42:17 PM

Welcome back, web maintainers!

As you’ve probably noticed, the Web Team has been busy over the summer. This post is meant to get you up to date with what’s happening on the IUP web this fall.

Responsive Redesign Conversion

Over a year in the making, the responsive redesign of IUP.edu is now well under way. Check out our launch post for an overview of the new features.

We expect conversion of all sub-sites to the new design to extend into the spring. This estimate is based on the speed at which we have converted the first 19 (out of 162!) sub-sites, and our need to continue maintaining and updating content still in the old template.

Sites are being converted more or less according to the amount of traffic they receive, with consideration given to sites that are vital for recruitment, retention, or fundraising. Because of this approach, while we’ve only converted 12 percent of our sub-sites, 75 percent of visits to the website should see only the new template.

Morning Slowdowns on Staging

We have seen some slowdowns on Staging when our scripts to convert sites to the responsive design have been running. IT Services is doing everything it can to improve the efficiency of the conversion scripts and to make sure it runs outside of regular work hours.

However, for larger sites, conversion scripts may still be running after 8:00 a.m. When that happens, you may find that Staging is slower than usual or even unresponsive. We apologize in advance for the inconvenience.


For the responsive redesign, we’ve developed new training sessions. But we’ll also continue to offer our old training sessions for those who are still working in the old templates. Please make sure you choose the right sessions when signing up.

The September training schedule has been posted on the Web Team news feed.

Getting Help: Use ihelp

ihelp continues to be the best way to contact the Web Team for assistance. We’re still taking e-mails and phone calls, of course, but we’re going to be moving more of our help calls into ihelp this fall. So you may find that a help call you start by e-mail or phone gets turned in an ihelp ticket. This facilitates assigning tasks within the Web Team and helps us collaborate with IT Services when needed.

Interactive Map and Virtual Tours

The responsive redesign isn’t the only thing we’ve been working on this summer. Keep your eyes out for a new, interactive map of IUP to debut in the very near future, followed a virtual tour for prospective students.

Welcome, Matt Burglund

Finally, we’d like you to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of the Web Team, Matt Burglund. You may already know Matt from his longtime work covering sports at The Indiana Gazette. Matt is joining us as a web writer/editor, and will be working on a variety of web content projects (including the interactive map).