Anthropology Graduate Student Gilligan Awarded Lambda Alpha Graduate Research Grant

Posted on 9/16/2015 10:47:47 AM

Cherilyn Gilligan is the 2015 recipient of the prestigious Lambda Alpha National Honor Society’s Graduate Research Grant. Her master’s-level research focuses on the faunal analysis of Moravian missionary towns in Colonial Ohio.

A graduate student in the Masters in Applied Archeology program, Gilligan was selected as the 2015 finalist for the Lambda Alpha Honor Society Graduate Research Grant in archeology. Gilligan’s graduate thesis is titled “Moravian Ethnic Diversity: An Archival and Faunal Analysis of Moravian Missionary Towns in Colonial Ohio.”

Her research will analyze the faunal collection from a previously excavated colonial Moravian site associated with Mahican converts and compares the analysis to a previously conducted faunal analysis associated with Moravian Delaware converts. Specifically, she will compare the use of animal resources, butchering methods, and other bone modification between the Moravian towns of Gnadenhutten and Schoenbrunn in eastern Ohio.

The Lambda Alpha Graduate Research Grant is designed to support thesis field research for exceptional students.

Department of Anthropology