Children's Workshop Held for Day of the Dead

Posted on 11/17/2015 7:33:09 PM

Nathalie ComefordOn Nov. 7, the Student Chapter of the National Art Education Association (NAEA) gave a Children’s workshop on Day of the Dead.

The five members of the NAEA Children’s Workshop were Kathryn Close (president), Liz Frank (vice-president), Abby Krick, Leah Lavrine, and Beth Brenchak. All from the Department of ArtNAEA Members, from left to right,Beth Brenchak, Abby Krick, Liz Frank, Kathryn Close, and Leah Lavrine

The workshop started out with lively Spanish music as the five members of the NAEA waited for the young participants to arrive. The workshop began with a story time video on “A Gift for Abuelita.  The short video was an adaption from the book by the same title.

The video was an excellent choice as it helped the children process loss of a loved one, such as the character Abuelita. Though there is sorrow, the video explained the meaning of Day of the Dead through Rosita, the main character. Rosita learns of reuniting with Abuelita on Day of the Dead; therefore, there is joy at the end of the video.

At the University Museum. From left to right: Marina Conjelko, Karly Brenchall, Natalie Comeford,Liz Frank, and Kathryn CloseAfter the short video, the five NAEA members took the children to the University Museum for a tour and to get inspired from the Latin American art pieces.

Although, the workshop was for young children, some IUP students wandered in to the workshop. They were curious about it. They joined the activities too. When asked what they thought of the workshop, a similar response resonated from all of them: “It’s relaxing.” Indeed the environment was serene, returning back to a time where only colored glue and cutting paper were the issues at hand.

The activities of the day were making paper flowers and making paper skeletons while munching on a snack and listening to Spanish music in the background.Abby Krick and Liz Frank explaining how to make paper skeletons

Before anyone could blink an eye, the workshop was over. Or perhaps being around the stress free little people, time didn’t matter in the peaceful environment.  

NAEA Members, from left to right,Beth Brenchak, Abby Krick, Liz Frank, Kathryn Close, and Leah Lavrine

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