Anthropology's Adams is a Panelist and Presents Her Research at American University Public Anthropology Conference

Posted on 11/30/2015 11:05:16 AM

Abigail Adams, Department of Anthropology, was a panelist and delivered a research paper titled "A Tale of Two Doctors: Abortion Care and the Politics of Practice" at American University’s 12th annual Public Anthropology Conference, “Shifting Climates: Dialogues of the Urgent and Emergent,” from October 3–4, 2015.

Adams presented on her original research in "Session Fringe Politics and the Climate of Difference." Her research examines the abortion practices of two doctors: Kermit Gosnell and Shelley Sella, and examines how the ghettoization of abortion care, outside of the practice of everyday healthcare, makes women and providers vulnerable to both direct and structural violence.

The public anthropology conference held at American University is an annual event during which panelists and audience members participated in dialogues about urgent and emergent global concerns including climate change, economic development, armed conflict, international human rights abuses, racial injustice, medical emergencies, and sexual and gender inequalities, among others. The conference explored anthropologists' roles as practitioners, teachers, students, and interested members of the public within these shifting climates and discovered how this community could produce and support positive social, environmental, economic, and political change.