Neusius Presents Paper on Archaic Period Zooarchaeology

Posted on 1/13/2016 12:41:55 PM

Archaeologist Sarah Neusius and co-authors Renee Walker of SUNY–Oneonta, Tanya Peres of Florida State University, George Crothers of the University of Kentucky, and Bonnie Styles, emeritus director of the Illinois State Museum, presented a paper titled "The Eastern Archaic Faunal Working Group: Database Preservation, Comparability and Integration for Archaic Period Faunal Data" at the 72nd annual meeting of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference. This conference was held in Nashville, Tennessee, November 18–21, 2015.

The Eastern Archaic Faunal Working Group (EAFWG) has been formed as part of the National Science Foundation-funded research Neusius and Styles are undertaking.

This paper reported on the uploading of Archaic period (ca 8,000–1,000 BC) zooarchaeological databases from sites located throughout the interior of the Eastern United States and portions of Canada, and using them in integrative analysis of the causes of cultural change during this period.

Nearly 40 significant databases have now been uploaded in the Digital Archaeological Record (tDAR), and the EAFWG has begun to conduct pilot integrative studies of database comparability. Eventually these databases will be publicly available through tDAR so that students and other researchers can use them in their own projects.

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