MARTI Launches Speaker Series for Spring 2016

Posted on 2/4/2016 2:09:03 PM

MARTI has launched its long-anticipated community health speaker series, “MARTI Speaker Series on Health and Disadvantaged Communities.” The series will include lectures by IUP alumna Carina Heckert and Gilberto Lopez, MPH, a doctoral student in the Harvard School of Public Health.

The series will highlight the work of researchers, health care providers, and community health specialists who are addressing health disparities in disadvantaged populations and their communities in the United States and abroad. The presentations are designed to interest and inform faculty and students about the differences in health care among populations and the many barriers that some groups face in obtaining health care.

The major goal of the series is to build awareness of these problems and to provide knowledge on how we can effect positive change in addressing health disparities. Equally important, students interested in the health field will be exposed to health care training and careers.

The presentations are free and open to the public.