Login Issue Resolved

Posted on 3/13/2008 9:24:53 AM

The Ektron company has sent us a software patch that seems to have fixed the Internet Explorer login bug we’ve experienced since January 31.

The issue was this: if a user of Internet Explorer (any version) visited our Production site (www.iup.edu) then attempted to log into our Staging (staging.www.iup.edu) or Training (training.www.iup.edu) sites, that user would be unable to log in. The only resolution was to close all browser windows and log in again.

Since installing the patch, this issue seems to be resolved. You should be able to reset your browser’s homepage to www.iup.edu once again—or, better yet, to www.iup.edu/inside/.

There are a few more Ektron bugs waiting to be fixed, including issues with PDFs and editing content on Macintosh computers. We have open cases with Ektron for all these issues and we will keep you informed as they are resolved.