Web Team Launches Then and Now Virtual Tour

Posted on 3/11/2016 9:38:22 AM
Then and Now Virtual Tour

Do you remember the Tri-Halls? The old Student Union? The governors’ quad? 

The IUP campus has changed a lot over the years, with new buildings added to the school’s landscape, plus renovations that have changed the face of many of the classrooms, dormitories, and dining halls. But for as much as IUP has changed over the years, it’s still IUP—where your dreams started to take shape.

If you haven’t been to IUP in a while, and you’re wondering what the campus looks like now, you can get a better picture, thanks to the new Then and Now Virtual Tour.

A project of the IUP Web Team, and under the guidance of Michael Powers, director of Electronic Communications, the tour uses old photographs from the IUP archives, along with current shots of campus to give a better idea of how things have changed—or in some places, stayed the same.

The Then and Now Virtual Tour, which launched March 11, has 23 stops that you can view from your own computer or mobile device. Or, if you’re able to make it to campus, you can take the tour on foot with your mobile device guiding you from stop to stop.

In time, the tour will expand to include other locations as more photos are acquired and new ones taken, so make sure to check back often and see how the Then and Now Virtual Tour—like the IUP campus—has changed.

To access the tour, go to the IUP Interactive Map and select the “Tours” tab. Or follow this link directly to the Then and Now Virtual Tour.