How Do You Spell CLA+?

Posted on 3/21/2016 8:26:44 AM

The Academic Affairs Division administers the Collegiate Learning Assessment+ (CLA+) to approximately 100 first-year students and 100 seniors every year to measure value-added learning relative to peer institutions.

The CLA+ evaluates critical thinking, written communication skills, problem solving, scientific and quantitative reasoning, and writing mechanics and effectiveness.

The Council for Aid to Education coordinates the administration of the national CLA+ instrument across the USA at over 700 institutions. At IUP, the administration of this assessment instrument is overseen by the Provost’s Associate Office. Annual administrations of the CLA+ instrument provide guidance to students and data to faculty and administrators for making decisions about grading, scholarships, admission, or placement.

IUP has completed eight cycles of CLA+ testing, which offers a solid baseline of student learning assessment that has been used for the 2015–16 Middle States Commission on Higher Education decennial reaffirmation of accreditation. IUP also uses CLA+ data to provide a detailed online breakdown of student learning outcomes as part of the Voluntary System of Accountability in which IUP participates.

In past years, IUP students have consistently scored in the mid-range of student learning outcomes for peer institutions across the nation. This trend continued to hold true for the 2013–14 administration (sample size: 93 freshmen and 90 seniors).