Cole Presents on “Staging Moby Dick in Space”

Posted on 3/23/2016 3:19:19 PM

Carrie Cole recently presented her paper, “A Mad [-Cap] Captain’s Quest for Revenge: Staging Moby Dick in Space” at the 37th annual International Conference for the Fantastic in the Arts in Orlando, Florida, which took place March 16–20, 2016. The conference provides a context for both scholarship and creative endeavors to be shared with colleagues from around the globe. In addition to her paper, Cole also produced and directed a Flash Play Festival at the conference.

Science fiction, fantasy, and horror authors and playwrights were challenged to write a 10-minute play within 10 days based on a series of prompts provided by Cole. Five were then selected to be performed at the conference, including plays by award-winning authors that included Andy Duncan, James Patrick Kelly, and Kit Reed.

Department of Theater and Dance