New Liberal Studies Elective for Fall 2016: MUHI 223, World Musical Cultures

Posted on 3/30/2016 2:09:49 PM

The Music Department is offering a new course focusing on musical cultures around the world for fall 2016. This course will fulfill the Liberal Studies elective in the Global and Multicultural Awareness (GMA) and Global Citizenship (GZ) categories. The class will meet MWF 2:30–3:20 in Cosgwell Hall.

This course explores a variety of world cultures through their music. In addition to exploring music as an aesthetic art form, students will focus on music as a product and reflection of culture. Students will learn to recognize the basic elements of music, identify the musical styles of different cultures, and analyze how music communicates and reflects cultural values which enrich the lives of people in these communities.

Through attendance at concerts, students will gain familiarity with musical events in their communities and reflect on their role in their own musical culture. No prior knowledge of music is expected.

For more information, contact Linda Jennings at