Anthropology Students Well-Represented at Undergraduate and Graduate Scholars Forums

Posted on 4/12/2016 12:40:14 PM

Seventeen anthropology students worked with faculty to present on their original research at IUP’s Undergraduate and Graduate Scholars Forums, held on campus April 5 and 6, 2016. Anthropology major Alyssa Hyziak was awarded Best Poster in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences and won second place in the Sigma Xi Honor Society Science Poster Awards.

Hyziak won two awards for her poster, “Life on the Conemaugh: Spatial Analysis of Artifact Distributions of the Monongahela Tradition at the Johnston Site (36In2) in Southwestern Pennsylvania Student.”

In the Graduate Scholars Forum, Katherine Thorwart presented her poster, “An Analysis of the Distribution of the Materials at the Johnston Site (36IN2),” working with faculty mentor Sarah Neusius.

Anthropology students presented the following research projects at the Undergraduate Scholars Forum:

  • “Promoting the Gift of Life: An Ethnography on Blood and Organ Donation”
    Student: Jessica Brown
    Faculty Advisor: Abigail Adams
  • “The Cost-Care Dilemma of the American Healthcare System”
    Student: Joseph Cristello
    Faculty Advisor: Abigail Adams
  • “The Heterogeneous Latino Community Regarding Healthcare Coverage: A Case Study of Guatemalan Immigrants in Southern Chester County, Pennsylvania”
    Student: Nancy Lopez Sosa
    Faculty Advisor: Victor Garcia
  • “Magic the Gathering: Card Game or Something Deeper?”
    Student: Steven Guzman
    Faculty Advisor: Abigail Adams
  • “Furry Identities: Belonging and Play in a Modern Subculture”
    Student: Adam Lewis
    Faculty Advisor: Abigail Adams
  • “A Living Wage: Perspectives on Poverty in Indiana, PA”
    Student: Danielle Yushinski
    Faculty Advisor: Amanda Poole
  • “Stratifying Women and Children: An Ethnography of Nutritional Access and Health Inequality”
    Student: Amelia Eggan
    Faculty Advisor: Abigail Adams
  • “Undecided: An Ethnographic Study of Undecided Majors”
    Students: Jamie S Forsyth, Angellica Sterling, Krista Wyrick, William Kane
    Faculty Advisor: Amanda Poole
  • “Indiana Food Co-op Steering Committee: Applied Ethnographic Research Aiding the Organizations Planning in Indiana, Pa”
    Students: Amelia Eggan, Nancy Lopez Sosa, Cole Kedzierski
    Faculty Advisor: Amanda Poole
  • “Digital Historic Preservation: Recording and Interpreting the Patterson-Altmans Mill with 3-D Scanning”
    Student: Sarah La Fevre
    Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Ford
  • “Life on the Conemaugh: Spatial Analysis of Artifact Distributions of the Monongahela Tradition at the Johnston Site (36In2) in Southwestern Pennsylvania”
    Student: Alyssa Hyziak
    Faculty Advisor: Sarah Neusius
  • “Using microartifacts to investigate prehistoric cooking methods at the archaeological site of Dust Cave”
    Student: Harley Burgis
    Faculty Advisor: Lara Homsey-Messer
  • “Beyond Fort Walls: Geophysical and Archaeological Investigations of Fort Haldimand, Carleton Island, New York”
    Student: Taylor Napoleon
    Faculty Advisor: Benjamin Ford
  • “Poverty Traps and Sustainable Solutions in Indiana, PA”
    Students: Lucas Mafrica, Kayla Good, Danielle Yushinski, Joseph Franze, Ryan Fallen
    Faculty Advisor: Brandon Vick and Amanda Poole

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