SSC Advisor Platform Super Users

Posted on 4/22/2016 1:52:04 PM

As the SSC Advisor Platform becomes accessible by more faculty and department chairs, it has become clear that this tool offers more than a convenient way to support your advisees. These five SSC Advisor Platform Super Users have found ways to support their work beyond their academic advising role.

  • Michele Papakie from the Department of Journalism and Public Relations has strengthened the connection she has with the students in her department by entering notes in the platform beyond course recommendations. By including notes on discussions she has had with the student, she can easily make reference to those points in subsequent meetings—such as potential internship sites or plans after graduation. Doing this helps to connect the student to the department and to continuing at IUP.
  • Brian Jones is planning his schedule for the next semester using the tools in the Advisor Platform to determine which upper-level theater courses his majors need. By targeting these student needs, he can ensure better enrollment in the courses, thus keeping students on progress toward graduation.
  • Serving as a resource for our student-athletes and the coaches, Jim Racchini works closely with the Athletics Office. Working within the SSC Advisor Platform, Jim can help those students that might need extra support or direction in the classroom. Using the Advisor Platform makes it easy to identify student-athletes based on their sport.
  • The Department of Foreign Languages is searching for current students that have successfully completed foreign languages at the intermediate level. Sean McDaniel, chair of the department, is reaching out to those students to alert them to the new Certificate in Foreign Languages, hoping to engage them in completing the certificate.
  • Passing information forward is the role that Susan Dawkins, from the Department of Developmental Studies, plays as she uses the Advisor Platform. Tracking the progress of her advisees while they are in the DVST program provides a foundation of information for the students’ next academic advisor when they are moved to an advisor in their academic major. 

Each of these faculty advisors have found a different way to use the SSC Advisor Platform. Starting in the fall 2016 semester, these folks will begin sharing their ideas and expertise with others across campus at scheduled information sessions—watch for announcements about a session that might be of interest.

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