Anthropology Student Research Featured in Cumberland Sentinel

Posted on 6/28/2016 8:45:08 AM

Anthropology Graduate Student Emily Masters’ Thesis Research at the Camp Michaux POW Camp Site is unique in that it intentionally involves veterans.

A veteran from the U.S. Army Heritage and Education Center is actively helping Masters with her research, a first in Pennsylvania. Masters’ research is investigating a World War II interrogation camp.

High-value prisoners were brought to the camp, now situated within Michaux State Forest, to be interrogated before being transferred to other internment camps. This aspect of the U.S. war effort is not well known or understood, and Masters’s research has the potential to shed new light on Pennsylvania’s role in the war. The full story is available on the Sentinel website.

Masters’ excavation will continue throughout the summer. She plans to graduate in December.

Emily Masters and Crew at Camp Micheaux POW Camp Site

Emily Masters (second from right) and her crew at the Camp Michaux POW Camp Site.