Ektron Error Results in Workflow Problem

Posted on 3/17/2008 2:20:14 PM

Attention, Web Maintainers:

Because of an error in Ektron, all content that was submitted for approval for the IUP website—whether submitted by a content author or a content approver—is now in the Web Team's Content Awaiting Approval queue.

In other words, anything that was awaiting approval at the unit level has skipped that step and is now awaiting approval by the Web Team. The Web Team is not able to track which items in its Content Awaiting Approval queue were approved or not approved at the unit level.

The units that are affected by this problem are those that have employees or students who are authors only and who submitted content that the approver had yet to approve.

Any units that do not have employees or students who are content authors only and any units where the approver(s) did not have items awaiting their approval will not be affected.

The effects of this Ektron error have been fixed, so any content items submitted after the error, which occurred around 10:45 a.m. today, will go through the normal workflow process.

Unit approvers who are concerned about the content that bypassed their approval should check their unit website folders in Ektron’s Workarea and review content that is marked as submitted. (You will see an “S” under “Status” for that content item.) If you need assistance, please contact the Web Team.

We apologize for the inconvenience this problem has created.

Please note that the Web Team receives many questions about the turnaround time on content approval. We do have a significant backlog. This morning, we had more than three hundred items awaiting our approval. As a result of the Ektron error late this morning, we now have close to five hundred. Please know that we are continuing to approve content as quickly as we can.

Web Team contact information:

E-mail: web-team@iup.edu

Mike Powers

Elaine Smith

Regan Houser

Bruce Dries