IUP Mobile Tip: Add Events in IUP Mobile to Your Smartphone’s Calendar

Posted on 7/8/2016 2:57:26 PM

This is part of a series of tips for web maintainers. The Web Team posts hints and tips about the CMS, MyIUP, IUP Mobile, and the interactive map each week.

Events in IUP Mobile can easily be added to your smartphone’s native calendar.

The event detail screen on an Apple and on an Android device, with a green arrow pointing to the calendar icon.To do this, first find an event that interests you and tap on it to see the details. In this view, you’ll see a calendar icon. It looks a little different on Apple (left) and Android (right) devices.

The add event screen on an Apple and on an Android device.Tap that icon, and you’ll be prompted to edit and add the event. How this screen looks will depend on your phone and operating system.

Tap "Add” or “Save” and the event is added to your phone’s calendar.

Keep in mind that this is a one-time import. If the event time, name, or other details change, you won’t see that change reflected on your phone’s calendar. (You will see the update in IUP Mobile, however.)

—Mike Powers