MyIUP Tip: See the MyIUP Student View

Posted on 7/29/2016 4:07:44 PM

Staff and faculty can see a student view of MyIUP content by using the Tools menu in the upper-right corner of MyIUP.

MyIUP Tools Menu > MyIUP Student View (PDF)

Because content in MyIUP is customized to the user, employees do not see the same content in MyIUP as students do.

To see an example of content that appears for an undergraduate student on the Indiana campus, sign in to MyIUP. From the Tools menu in the upper-right, select “MyIUP Student View (PDF).” A PDF of student content displays, which can be helpful when directing students where to click for information and applications in the portal.

Personalized Content in MyIUP

Content in MyIUP is customized for each user based on his or her Banner role(s) such as staff, faculty, and student. Student content is further customized for Banner characteristics such as international, regional campus affiliation, incoming student status, academic college, veteran status, and more.

Note: you can also find links for services such as online reporting, employee self-service, the Banner Web Client, and Qualtrics in the MyIUP Tools menu.

—Eric Barker