Arts and Entertainment Calendar Added to Website, IUP Mobile

Posted on 8/23/2016 4:56:54 PM

The Web Team has added a new top-level calendar to the website and to IUP Mobile: the Arts and Entertainment Calendar.

The Arts and Entertainment Calendar provides a comprehensive view of arts and entertainment on the IUP campuses: art exhibitions, concerts, dance events, lectures, movies, musicals, open mic nights, poetry readings, theater, and more. IUP hosts hundreds of arts and entertainment events each year, and we are excited to be able to bring them together in one place.

The taxonomy tab for a calendar event in Ektron, showing the university calendarsArts and entertainment events from any department or organization can (and should!) appear on this calendar. To add your event, just check “Arts and Entertainment” under “University Calendars” on the Taxonomy tab of the event editors (see the image for details).

Make sure the description of your event has enough information in it so that potential attendees can make a decision about going or not. Here’s a good example from the Six O’Clock Series.

Finally, please note that this calendar is limited to on-campus events only. You are always welcome to list events taking place anywhere on your office or department calendar, but this calendar is devoted to events taking place at IUP. Events that take place off campus will be removed from the Arts and Entertainment Calendar.