National Preparedness Month, Week 2: Preparing Family and Friends

Posted on 9/2/2016 12:23:02 PM

Emergencies or disasters can happen at any time.

You, your family, or friends may not be together when they happen. Prepare by having an Emergency Communication Plan.

  1. Understand how to receive emergency alerts and warnings: Get alerts about emergencies. Check with your local emergency management agency to see what is available in your area.

  2. Discuss family/household/friends plans for disasters that may affect your area and plan where to go: Understand where to go during different types of disasters such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or fires.

  3. Collect information: Phone numbers (work, cell, office), e-mails, schools, social media, doctors, service providers. Have a paper copy.

  4. Make a family disaster plan: who to call, where to meet, what to pack Identify information and pick an emergency meeting place: Decide on a place to meet, accessible to those with functional needs and friendly for pets (if you have them).

  5. Share information: Make sure everyone is aware of the plan and carries a copy.

  6. Practice your plan: Practice as you would a fire drill.