Use Your Website Calendar to Cancel Events

Posted on 10/19/2016 6:06:13 AM

During the faculty union strike, use your website calendar to announce event cancellations by:

  1. Editing the title of the event to add “CANCELED: “ to the beginning of the event title. (Notice that CANCELED has only one L.)
  2. Making sure your event has “Central Calendar” checked on the “Taxonomy” tab.

IUP will use the Central Calendar to announce event cancellations. The Communications and Marketing Office will direct students, media, and the community to check the Central Calendar to know which events are on and which are canceled. Following the procedure above will clearly mark your event as canceled on the Central Calendar.


  • Add your event to your calendar (even if it wasn’t there before) to announce its cancelation.
  • Add your event to the Central Calendar even if it wasn’t there before. We are relaxing rules for what may be on the Central Calendar for the duration of the strike.
  • Get your event cancellations in early. We will be doing additional, daytime eSyncs from staging to production during the strike. Getting your event cancellations in early will enable us to get them to the public more quickly.

Do Not

  • Do not delete events from your calendar. Deleting events because they are canceled does not send website visitors a clear message that the event is not taking place.
  • Do not make news posts about your canceled events.
  • Do not edit your event description to explain why the event is canceled. Just add “CANCELED: “ to the beginning of the event title.
  • Do not spell canceled or canceling with two l’s. IUP university style is to follow American convention and use only a single l. (Note that cancellation has two l’s.)

Thank you for your help with our communications to the IUP community during this time.