Historian Finegan Spent Time Teaching History in China

Posted on 10/31/2016 4:19:58 PM

In summer 2016, Caleb Finegan was an invited lecturer/professor in the JNC International Summer Program at Jinan University in Guangzhou, China. 

The JNC International Summer Program provides opportunities for Chinese students to take courses, taught in English, at universities in China. These students are all studying in the United States or Canada during the regular fall and spring semesters and are getting credits over the summer which transfer back to their universities in the USA or Canada.

Finegan taught three courses in Guangzhou from June 20 to July 22: Modern Latin American History and two sections of a USA and the World History Course (post 1865).

On his experience, Finegan remarked, "In addition to having the opportunity to study and live in China for five weeks, I most enjoyed working with my nearly 100 students. They were conscientious, focused, and worked hard day after day. It was also very hot—day after day!"

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