Neusius and Rivas Participate in Eastern Archaic Faunal Working Group Presentations at Fall Conferences

Posted on 11/23/2016 3:29:40 PM

As part of reporting on her current research involving Archaic Period (10,000–3,000 BP) faunal datasets, Sarah Neusius coauthored a paper presented at the Midwest Archaeological Conference in Iowa City, Iowa, and three posters presented at the Southeastern Archaeological Conference in Athens, Georgia. IUP Applied Archaeology graduate student Scott Rivas was co-author on one of the Southeastern Archaeological Conference poster presentations as well.

These presentations reported on the work of the Eastern Archaic Faunal Working Group, which has been established with funding from the National Science Foundation to create, analyze, and make accessible a digital collection of archaic faunal databases from throughout the interior Eastern Woodlands of North America. Neusius and Bonnie Styles, emeritus director of the Illinois State Museum, are the coprincipal investigators for this project. Rivas has been part of the EAFWG in his role as project graduate assistant and has been particularly focused on developing measures of archaic period demography needed for our analyses.

At the Midwest Archaeological Conference, Neusius was the co-author with Styles and Mona Colburn, both affiliated with the Illinois State Museum, of a paper that reported on explorations of how comparable the 56 datasets in the EAFWG collection actually are. This paper, presented on October 8, was titled “Exploring Comparability and Variability of Eastern Archaic tDAR Faunal Databases and Human Use of Animals.”

At the Southeastern Archaeological Conference, the EAFWG gave three poster presentations designed to present our methodological approaches for the project in a setting in which discussion with colleagues was possible. These posters were:

  1. Preservation and Accessibility of Archaic Period Faunal Datasets – Sarah W. Neusius, IUP, Bonnie W. Styles, Illinois State Museum, and Beverley Smith, University of Michigan-Flint
  2. Exploring Comparability in the Eastern Archaic Faunal Working Group Collection – Bonnie W. Styles, Illinois State Museum, Mona Colburn, Illinois State Museum, and Sarah W. Neusius, IUP
  3. Finding the X Factor: Defining Environmental, Demographic, and Cultural Influences on Aquatic Resource Use during the Eastern Archaic – George Crothers, University of Kentucky, Scott Rivas, IUP, Renee Walker, State University of New York, Tanya Peres, Florida State University, Bonnie Styles, Illinois State Museum, and Sarah Neusius, IUP.

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