Alpha Testers Update: Post-Preview Edition

Posted on 10/16/2007 2:22:50 PM

New LinkGreetings Alpha Testers. As you may have noticed, we’ve started previewing the new site at As of this morning, we’ve had 3,468 visitors, which is great for a low-key unveiling like this one. We’ve also received a bunch of feedback, and this afternoon, we’ve just pushed out a bunch of updates in response.

With the end of the big push to get the preview version out, we want to get back to helping our alpha testers get their sites up and running. Since the best way to do that is face to face, we’ve scheduled a:

Training/Meeting: October 24, , 10 a.m. 12 p.m., SOGLOW Lab

We’ll have a fairly short agenda for this session, with most of the session devoted to answering your questions and getting you up to speed.

Please let us know if you can make it or not. We’re also available by phone and e-mail of course, and we’ll have more time available to work with our alpha testers over the next week or so.

Throw Away That Old Training Manual

As we work on the site, we continue to find better ways to do the things we do. Because so many things are changing, we’re asking that you throw away the “Ektron Web Content Author’s Guide” that you may have received during the training session. Instead, please refer to the Web Team site’s How To… section, which has an updated set of guidelines. As we continue to learn, we’ll continue to update the “How To” section, but we’ll tell you what’s new through our Web Team News updates and our Change Log.

New Login Page

One thing in particular we’d like to point out: While the old training manual asked you to log in to the secure server, (which was correct at the time), you should now be logging in at That’s just one example of how things are changing—so please check out the How To… section.

More New Stuff

The changes keep coming—see the Change Log for a more complete list. But you may have noticed:

  • Lots of little rendering improvements. Looks a lot better on Internet Explorer 6 (and no more negative margins on links).

  • Many buttons have disappeared from the CMS editor. We’ve removed a whole bunch of buttons that, in the context of our templates, mostly caused trouble. The font face and font size dropdowns are good examples. We’re using a consistent font (Tahoma) and font sizes (12 pixels is the base size) throughout the site, and changing the font face or size on a page-by-page basis makes the whole site harder to manage.

  • New styles available. At the same time, we’re adding a bunch of preformatted styles to the styles dropdown, including:

    • introduction: to mark the first paragraph of your text

    • right-aligned-image and left-aligned-image to place images right or left with the correct margins

    • sub_head for making run-in headings (headings that are part of the paragraph)

    Additionally, we have Heading 2 - 6 available for titles (Heading 1 is used only for the headline at the top of the page).

These styles all show up in the Workarea so you can better see what you are doing.

The changes will keep coming over the next few weeks before things settle down. In the meantime, call or send e-mail if you have questions.