Kemp Publishes Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq

Posted on 1/29/2017 2:25:58 PM

Professor Rick Kemp (Department of Theater and Dance) recently published the Routledge Companion to Jacques Lecoq. Routledge “Companions” are internationally distributed prestige reference works that comprehensively and authoritatively address a significant topic in a field or discipline.

Lecoq Companion cover

Kemp has been working for three years on curating, writing, and editing the content of the book. Collaborating with Mark Evans of Coventry University, UK, he commissioned contributions from leading practitioners, teachers, and scholars worldwide as well as writing chapters and introductory material.

The book is a guide to the work of Jacques Lecoq, an influential figure in contemporary theater who founded an international school in Paris in 1956 that has attracted over 5,000 students from around the world and continues to flourish under the direction of his successors.

Corporeal, dynamic, evocative and both disciplined and playful, Lecoq’s teaching has had a profound and extensive influence on Western theater in the second half of the 20th century and the early part of the 21st century. This book captures the significance of that lived experience in the working lives of graduates of his school and many of the people who have been affected by his pedagogy in different ways. It also places the training in a wider context of influences and theatrical trends by: describing Lecoq’s antecedents, influences, and practice; giving first-hand accounts of how key aspects of his pedagogy have inspired graduates of the school; considering his influence within performance trends of the period; and reporting on the wide and vibrant diaspora of companies, practitioners, and teachers who have put his principles into practice.