Updates to Personnel Smartform: Images

Posted on 2/6/2017 2:48:12 PM

The personnel smart form will receive an update on Thursday, February 8, that will change the way the content is presented, but also allow for additional information to be included for each individual (such as fields that web maintainers have asked for, like an extra information field and additional title lines). One of these changes affects the images and will require action by web maintainers.

What’s Changing

Specific to images: the smart form will be able to utilize responsive images going forward. But, in order to implement this, maintainers must edit their personnel smart form content block (normally used on “Faculty and Staff” or “Personnel” pages) and note the size of the photo currently used for each individual. If your personnel page doesn’t use photos at this time, this change won’t impact your page and no action is needed.

What You Need to Do

Open your personnel smart form (located in your site’s CMS content folders) for editing and, for each person, choose Non-responsive on the (new) Image Size field. Submit the smart form when you are done.

Image Size selection

Note: Since the responsive image option is new, most pages will not have photos that meet those requirements. But, you can begin to update your photos now and utilize the responsive feature. Responsive images for personnel pages should be 737 pixels wide by 1,000 pixels tall.

What If I Do Nothing?

If your “Faculty and Staff” or “Personnel” page uses photos, and you don’t make this update, the photos will not display starting Thursday.

More details on the additional enhancements will be provided on Thursday, as well as an accompanying how-to.

If you have questions or problems, please contact web-team@iup.edu.