Updates to the Personnel Smartform

Posted on 2/8/2017 2:06:11 PM

The Personnel smartform has been updated to include new options in response to the requests the Web Team has received from web maintainers for enhancements to this website staple. New items include the option to add additional titles, an extra information section, responsive images, and more.

One update requires immediate action by web maintainers, some are available now but can be updated as time allows, and some happen automatically! We’ve created a how-to that walks you through the different parts. Read on for details on the new enhancements.

Responsive Images

The smartform now supports responsive images, just like the rest of the IUP website. This means your photo can be viewed much larger, and even enlarged on smaller screens. Smaller photos will still be supported, and can you can update the images one at a time (meaning, you don’t have to switch out every photo at once to take advantage of the responsive feature).

What You Need to Do

Immediate action is needed. See the previous news post for details on what you need to do now. As time allows, you can update your images to the larger size.     

Additional Information

Personnel extra content expander

This new, open text field is where you can place a brief bio, a list of job duties, areas of focus, office hours—and more. It is contained in a expandable box (similar to how events are listed on your calendar) so your page is still easy to scroll, but accessible by a single click for users to read more.

What You Need to Do

Updated as time allows. Check the how-to for details on formatting.

Additional Titles

Previously, when someone had multiple titles, they would either have to put them all on one line, or list them in the address section. Now, you can add as many of this optional field as needed to list titles on their own line. The smartform is marked up with special code that helps search engines understand the content better. So now Google will see your title as your title, and not the first line of your address.

What You Need to Do

Update as time allows. Move any additional titles that may be on a single line or in the address section into Additional Title fields.

Updated Style

A picture (or live example) is worth a thousand words: check out the how-to to see the updated styles and responsive updates in action.

What You Need to Do


Bookmark Link to Individual Card

If your office does not make individual pages for each person, but you’d still like to share a direct link to contact information, Bookmark links will help. Each person’s card now automatically generates an anchor that you can link to from anywhere. (Instructions are on the how-to page.)

What You Need to Do

No immediate action is needed. Just copy your link when you need it.

Full-Width Option

The new smartform has an option to display each card in a group at full width. What this means: instead of being side by side, each person’s card will fill the width of the page, and their extra info will appear in full, under their standard contact info (see an example in the how-to). There are some things to consider, but, if you want to provide bio information for individuals of a small group and don’t have pages for each, you could use this option.

What You Need to Do

No immediate action is needed. If you want to use this option, read up on the requirements and recommendations in the how-to.