Time to Request Your Website

Posted on 10/18/2007 4:17:04 PM

We hope you’ve had a chance to review our preview website, which has been available since Friday, October 12, through a link from our current homepage. Implementing the new web design and content management system has been a long-awaited event for IUP, and while those of us working directly on the project look forward to all units on campus participating, we’ve proceeded cautiously and carefully. After all, employing any new technology requires caution, and we recognize this new web design is crucial to our frontline communications.

After 4:30 this afternoon, we invite unit leaders—department chairs, deans, office directors, program directors, etc.—to register their websites and designate who from their areas will serve as content authors and content approvers. The new content management system provides us with a system for accountability that we never before have had. It introduces a system for workflow, so that punctuation, grammar, and style will be checked and rechecked. We encourage each unit to make thoughtful choices on who will contribute content to the website and who will approve that content. Please take time to discuss your options with your colleagues before making a choice. To ensure this accountability, we are asking that units refrain from registering students for immediate access and training. Of course, we recognize students are a vital part of our workforce, but we feel that training long-term employees must be our priority.

Training for students will be offered during the spring semester.

Confident self-starters are welcome to begin work immediately upon notification that the requested website has been created. Extensive how-to documentation is available to assist you. For those who prefer to participate in training, sessions will begin October 30 and will take place every Tuesday and Wednesday through the semester. Training classes will be formed in groups of like interest or function. For example, we'll try to group together authors and approvers from academic departments, because they tend to have similar needs.

Please feel free to contact Regan Houser with any questions or concerns, either by e-mail or at extension 3062. Our Web Team is eager to get started on this exciting venture, and we know you are, too.