Fair and Kondo Write Article on Tips to Enhance Chemistry Student Experiences

Posted on 2/28/2017 10:49:35 PM

inChemistry magazine recently published an article written by Justin Fair and Anne Kondo on the benefits of integrating professional development and undergraduate research with weekly events held by Student Affiliate Chapters of the American Chemical Society.

Image of article “Six Ways Research Can Fire Up Your Chapter”

In their article, “Six Ways Research Can Fire Up Your Chapter,” Fair and Kondo provide tips to enhance chemistry student experiences that can be used in almost any discipline.

  • Talk about research members are doing
  • Develop skill-based workshops
  • Invite alumni to visit
  • Organize a chapter summer research program
  • Recognize active members
  • Getting involved in leadership positions

inChemistry is the official American Chemical Society student member magazine containing topics of concern to undergraduate students in the chemical sciences such as chemistry, careers, and professional development.

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