CMS Basic Training

Posted on 10/19/2007 3:33:24 PM

We are posting our schedule for CMS Basic Training today.

Training is available to anyone who has requested a site on the CMS (Content Management System) and received their content inventory.

Unless you are taking care of upper-structure pages—that is, content outside your unit’s website—training is not mandatory. However, because working in the CMS is quite different from working in Frontpage or Dreamweaver, we do highly recommend that everyone attend at least one training session.

Topics Covered

The training will cover two main topics:

  1. How to organize your content to fit the new IUP templates and site organization.

  2. How to build pages with the CMS.

The training is designed to help you get started and feel comfortable using the Ektron software and content management system. It also provides direct contact with members of the Web Team who are familiar with the product.


After you have registered your website, the Web Team will contact you to schedule training. You may not be scheduled right away—training will be organized according to where on the website a unit’s content appears and which units (departments, offices, programs, etc.) have registered their sites so far. But please know that we will schedule you for training as quickly as possible.

More Information

For more information about training and the CMS transition, please see:

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