American Marketing Association Hosts Alumnus Henry in Old School-New School Presentation

Posted on 3/21/2017 9:05:06 AM

Phil Henry, an IUP alumnus and president of Henry Wealth Management, presented to about 100 business students in the Eberly Auditorium on Wednesday, February 22, 2017. The American Marketing Association served as host of the event. 

AMA Hosts Phil Henry '81 February 22, 2017The theme of Henry’s presentation was, “Old School and New School Ways to Get a Job.” The students were provided with beneficial tips on how to start making meaningful connections and be well prepared for a job interview. He stressed the importance of building relationships and following up with specific information, whether it is showing interest in one’s personal life or explaining something noteworthy about an interview. 

Also, he suggested spending a little time every day making connections on LinkedIn and researching ways to build a great student profile. Some of Henry’s pointers were “It’s a full-time job to get a full-time job,” “People can hear your smile through the phone,” and “You will play like you practice.” 

According to Mallory Finch, senior marketing major, Henry was an enthusiastic and informative speaker. “He shared some great tips, including keep close relationships with your professors, show respect, listen actively, write thank you notes on professional stationary, and always follow up,” said Finch, adding “Our student body really appreciated his time and expertise!”

by Mallory Finch