History Department Publishes Book on “Trans Pacific Conversations”

Posted on 4/17/2017 8:29:53 AM

Book cover: Trans-Pacific Conversations: Doing History in a Global Age The IUP History Department, in collaboration with Hebei University in China, recently published Trans-Pacific Conversations: Doing History in a Global Age (Beijing: The Commercial Press, 2017).

The book grew out of a jointly sponsored international symposium held at Hebei on “The Research and Teaching of World History in a Global Age” in July 2014 that was attended by more than 30 historians from both universities. This initial collaboration led to a three-year project that soon involved the work of a number of historians from both universities, including 14 from IUP.

As the co-editors, professors Wang Xi (IUP) and Xiao Hongsong (Hebei), write: “The book represents a rare and unique effort. Twenty-three historians teaching at two institutions of higher learning in China and the United States and possessing different academic training have joined their efforts to forge a historical conversation across the Pacific ... demonstrating the proactive thinking and bold imaginations of Chinese and American historians in their dealing with the challenges of globalization.” 

While this project involved a number of individuals, both in the United States and in China, Wang Xi was instrumental in organizing and overseeing IUP's contribution to the volume.