IUP Business School Celebrates End of Year with Business Day 2017

Posted on 5/2/2017 8:50:07 AM

Over 600 students had the opportunity to attend the 39th annual Business Day, a premier day that is the biggest event that the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology hosts.

Business Day 2017 Student ParticipantsAt Business Day 2017, students had the opportunity to network with over 70 business alumni and partners, attend seminars pertaining to their major, and learn from Hall of Distinction inductees. 

The day kicked off in the lobby of the Kovalchick Complex, where students registered for the day’s events while engaging with one another to discuss their goals and achievements, as well as what to expect from the day’s coming agenda.

Students then attended business seminars tailored to their specific areas of study. Experts from each field talked about these topics with our students and shared the advice they had to give on the subject.

Hot Topics conference topics included:

  • Accounting: “Death and Taxes: Can we reform at least one?”
  • Marketing: “Social Media Marketing Full Circle—Trends, Prospects and Challenges”
  • ISDS: “Robots-1, Humans-0. Robots Are Coming for Your Job”
  • Finance: “Winner Takes All: Financial Reality or Myth?”
  • Management: “Pack Your Bag if You Want a Job!!!!”

In the Marketing session, Dave Mastovich, CEO of MASSolutions, had a lot of good advice to offer to the students who he spoke with. He urged students to do what helps achieve their happiness, and follow the path that feels right to them.

Business Day 2017 Students“Nobody can outdo ‘you’, so tell your story your own way” said Mastovich.

Jed Reese, ISDS major, appreciated the conference session format. “The information from the session regarding robots helped me to understand technology’s role in the value chain, understand the impact of big data on other functional areas outside of IT, recognize the impact of ethics on the rise of artificial intelligence, and erased the feat that AI will lead to less job security,” said Reese.

Once the conference sessions ended, students participated in a networking session with alumni and business partners who were happy to talk with them to discuss goals and provide professional advice.  

“I love being here, and it’s about giving back,” said Nadav Baum, IUP alumnus and executive vice president of Janney Montgomery Scott LLC. “Sitting here talking to students about their goals, what they’re trying to do, and finding out their passion is exciting. I’m here often, and it’s always nice to help and give some pointers when I can.”

The luncheon program included recognition of business student accomplishments throughout the academic year and an induction ceremony of four business alumni into the IUP Business Hall of Distinction. Inductees include:

  • Jeff Gaus ’81, CEO Prolifiq Software and now SVP Strategy and Customer Success
  • Carol Washington ’91, chief operating officer, Life's Work of Western Pa
  • Howard Puterman ’86, VP and GM Enterprise, Nevada—World's Largest Car Rental Company
  • Stephanie Perry ’88, Principal at Harkness Capital Partners, NYC

Business Day 2017 Hall of Distinction Inductees“What I got from Eberly was a foundation for my career, even though I did not know what I was going to expect in my future,” said Washington, who was inducted into the Hall. “I am so humbled and honored by this experience, and I look forward to working with IUP and Eberly to help develop our students.”

“Business Day is a terrific opportunity to bring together students, staff, faculty, administration, alumni, and other business partners to recognize the many achievements over the past year and to feature accomplishments of our Hall of Distinction inductees,” said Cyndy Strittmatter, coordinator for Business Day. “We are very fortunate to have so much support from our alumni and business partners who commit time, expertise, and funding to support our students.”

Jason Adams