Revised Approach to the Website Transition

Posted on 4/1/2008 4:53:56 PM

As a result of recommendations made by ACPAC, the Web Team has reformulated how we will complete the migration from old site to new site. The following points are in the process of being implemented. We will communicate with web contributors as we receive concrete decisions. As a result, we have suspended training for new contributors and open sessions for current contributors.

As always, we welcome inquiries. They should be sent to

1. Suspend the May 17 Deadline

The central server will remain running until those colleges and divisions still making use of it have been able to move to the new site.

2. Create a Web Transition Task Force

The Web Transition Task Force will consist of the Web Team plus representatives from each college and division, chosen by their respective deans and vice presidents. The Web Transition Task Force will meet once monthly to review progress on, and to help set priorities for, the web transition.

Additionally, each Web Transition Task Force representative will serve as his or her college or division’s liaison to the Web Team, advising the Web Team on the special needs of that college or division and coordinating the submission of materials for the web to the Web Team.

3. Stop Requiring Academic and Administrative Units to Submit Via Workflow

In cooperation with each college or division’s Web Transition Task Force representative, the Web Team will finish the websites for academic and administrative units, and units will no longer need to submit content via workflow.

The Web Team would continue to approve items currently in the approval queue, and units whose new sites are complete and active would continue to submit new content and changes via the workflow process. The transition of old sites to new, however, will be handled via a new transition process (see item 4, below).

In order to give the Web Team time to complete the new websites, most training and support activities will be suspended; for instance, CMS Basic Training and open sessions would no longer take place three days a week. (Note that because the Web Team will be finishing all websites, the demand for training and support should diminish.)

4. Bring One College/Division at a Time Over to the New Site

In consultation with each college and division on the goals and structure of its new websites, the Web Team would handle creating pages, menus, graphics, etc., including the cutting and pasting of material from the old site to the new one.

New or revised material could be submitted to the Web Team by e-mail, Word document, etc. The finished site will be reviewed by each college or division’s Task Force representative.

In order to complete as much of the new site as possible as quickly as possible, those colleges and divisions that are closest to completing their sites would have first priority for transition.

Until their transitions are complete, all units will be welcome to continue using their old websites in combination with their new websites (for instance, posting news and events to the new website so that they are available via Inside IUP).

5. Reassign Personnel Temporarily to the Web Team

The Web Team will seek to complete work for each college/division in one to three weeks. Achieving this turnaround time will require both prompt submission of materials from each academic and administrative unit and the temporary reassignment of additional personnel to the Web Team. These additional personnel would, under the supervision of the web developer and web editor, carry out the creation of needed pages, menus, etc.