Anthropology Research Covered by National Media

Posted on 5/8/2017 9:45:37 AM

Recent excavations of a Durham boat by Anthropology’s Ben Ford was reported in Smithsonian Magazine and Archaeology Magazine.

Diver recording information about the Durham Boat

Photo: Diver Tim Caza recording the Durham boat mast step (Tim Caza)

This is the first archaeologically identified Durham boat—the type of boat that George Washington used to cross the Delaware and which expanded commerce in much of Pennsylvania and New York.

The Durham boat shipwreck was first discovered in 2011 by Lake Oneida shipwreck enthusiast Tim Caza. Ford worked with Caza and other local divers in 2013 and 2015 to partially excavate and record the wreck. Based on the recovered data and historical descriptions, the wreck was identified as s Durham boat. The story broke once a positive identification was announced.

The story was first reported by the Syracuse Post-Standard , but was quickly picked up by Smithsonian Magazine and Archaeology Magazine . A scholarly article fully analyzing the results is under consideration at the journal Historical Archaeology.

This research was partially funded by an IUP Senate Research Committee Small Grant.

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