PennDOT Highway Archaeological Survey Team Recognized with Environmental Excellence Award

Posted on 5/10/2017 8:32:26 AM

The Federal Highway Administration selected the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and its partners, IUP Archaeological Services and the Department of Anthropology, to receive an Environmental Excellence Award for their achievements in Education and Training Programs surrounding the PennDOT Highway Archaeological Survey Team.

PHAST LogoThe award describes the PHAST program as “a model for agency and university partnership that has saved taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, while providing the next generation of archaeologists with hands-on experience. The Collaborative nature of the PHAST program is one of the only professional training programs of its kind in the United States.”

Phast FieldPHAST is a collaboration between PennDOT and IUP Archaeological Services that provides employment for approximately four undergraduate and graduate IUP Anthropology students per year. The PHAST supervisor is supported through a graduate assistantship in the Applied Archaeology MA Program. The PHAST program was founded in 2010, with a recently signed cooperative agreement that extends the program for at least another five years.