Sustainability Studies Program Leadership Passes the Torch

Posted on 6/20/2017 8:48:02 AM

As of May 2017, Chris Jeffords (Economics) and Jonathan Warnock (Geoscience) assumed the leadership responsibilities of the Sustainability Studies program and minor. They take over for Susan Comfort (English) and Amanda Poole (Anthropology) who, together with Tami Whited (History), began exploring the options for a Sustainability Studies minor in October 2012. Comfort and Poole also served as the first co-directors of the program since its official inauguration in April 2015.

The program also owes a great deal of its success to the full Sustainability Studies Faculty Board consisting of 17 faculty representing 11 departments across three colleges and the library, each of whom has helped shape the nature of the program and the minor curriculum. Furthermore, the program relies heavily on the collaboration of affiliated faculty, staff, and student workers through course offerings and administrative support, as well as the support of both colleges where the minor is housed (Humanities and Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics).

Jeffords and Warnock look forward to further growing the program and building upon the excellent leadership and direction of Comfort and Poole, and the rest of the Sustainability Studies Faculty Board.

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