Online Web Training Now Available

Posted on 7/12/2017 1:56:30 PM

Online training is now available for web maintainers. “Fundamentals for Web Maintainers” is available whenever a new web maintainer needs to be trained, or if any web maintainer wants a refresher on how to work on the website.

This D2L training course generally replaces the Basic Web Editing workshop previously offered by the Web Team, although classroom training will still be offered if there is interest.

Pages and Layouts face-to-face workshops will still be offered every month until the next set of online training modules is prepared.

To take the online web training course, you must be a web maintainer. If you are not, please contact one of your website approvers and request that you be added as a web maintainer. Here is the list of current web maintainers (you must log in with your IUP username and password). Find your website (located after “WWW-”) and you'll see a list of one or more approvers (i.e., WWW-web-Approver).

Register for the online training course or for the Pages and Layouts workshop

After your registration is processed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Web Team. At that point, you will have access to the online training course.

Web maintainers can then log in to D2L, which will display the course modules. The modules must be taken in order. Each module has required tasks to complete. After completing the module’s tasks, you will take a short quiz. The Web Team will review your submissions and quiz and determine if you successfully completed each module.

Passing each module unlocks the next. After passing the entire course, you can revisit any of the modules for brush-up training at any time.

As always, whether you’re just getting started building your website or you’re an experienced Web editor, the Web Team’s How-To section can be a huge help. If you need help beyond what our site provides, please contact the Web Team via ihelp.