Geoscience Professor Warnock and Undergraduate Ferguson Present Diatom Research at National Conference

Posted on 10/6/2017 3:37:44 PM

Faculty member Jonathan Warnock and senior geoscience student Brennan Ferguson traveled to Stone Lab, on Gibraltar Island in Lake Erie, in October 2017 to present a poster at the North American Diatom Symposium. This is a biennial conference brings together experts from across North America and the world to present novel findings on diatom research.

The diatom Fragilarioipsis KerguelensisDiatoms are single-celled algae which make their cell walls out of glass. Given that they are very diverse and preserve well as fossils, diatoms are instrumental in modern monitoring of the health of aquatic systems and reconstructing past climates and ecosystems.

Ferguson presented a poster titled “Relating Fragilarioipsis Kerguelensis Fragments to Original Valve Dimensions.” His work describes a new method for using marine diatoms to understand changes to Earth's climate.

Warnock gave a talk titled “Holocene Environmental History of the Ångermanälven Estuary, Northern Baltic Sea,” which focused on the recent ecological and climate history of the Baltic Sea.

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