FAQ Smartform Updates: Headings, Expand All, and Accessibility

Posted on 12/6/2017 1:30:45 PM

The Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) smartform has received an update that makes the content more accessible and adds new features: expand/collapse all buttons and heading options.

Expand/Collapse All Buttons

These buttons will allow a user to expand or collapse all of the questions/answers in the page at one time. By default, every FAQ smartform will have the buttons added, but you can opt to remove them within the smartform. For example, if you use multiple FAQ smartforms on one page, you would want to remove the buttons from all but the FAQ smartform at the top.

The Web Team will be working to remove extra buttons from existing pages where multiple FAQ smartforms are used, but maintainers should keep this in mind when using FAQ smartforms in the future.

How to Use

When you open the smartform, you’ll see a new field after the Introduction section. Simply choose to Display the buttons (will include them in the page) or Remove (will remove them from the page). The buttons will be included by default until a selection is made.

Heading Options

In addition to the regular FAQ “question” style, you can now choose Heading 2, Heading 3, or Heading 4 for each individual question. This will make the question into a heading (not just change the style) and allows you to structure your content better while still utilize the expanding content option.

Reminder: Because they mark specific content as such for search engines and assistive software, it is important to use the Heading styles for their intended page structuring and not for any other purpose—Heading 2 followed by Heading 3, etc. Use headings for their function, not their appearance.

How to Use

A new selection field has been added for each question. By default, the “question” style is selected. To change to a heading, just choose Heading 2, 3, or 4 for the dropdown on each individual question.

No immediate action is needed by maintainers, but these options are available to use now.