COBSAC Donates to charity:water

Posted on 1/24/2018 1:27:24 PM

Women carrying water on their heads, provided by charity:water

Throughout the last several weeks of the fall 2017 semester, COBSAC (the College of Business Student Advisory Council) decided to give back in the spirit of the holiday season by raising funds for charity:water, a nonprofit organization which the Business Honors Senior Cohort takes time to visit each year during their annual New York City trip.

The student leaders of all 13 Eberly organizations teamed up to participate in Penny Wars, a game where each penny donation counts as a +1 in the team’s cup, and all other coins count as negatives in the opposing teams’ cups. The goal of the Penny Wars is to have the most positive pennies collected for your team. By the end of the several-week period, the Eberly organizations collectively raised over $100 from the Penny Wars.

The goal of charity:water is to construct wells in developing countries so the people can have clean drinking water and, overall, a better quality of life. As a result of building these wells, fewer people are getting sick, more young girls are able to obtain an education rather than working, and the communities are brought closer together.

Brandon Aguirre, president of COBSAC said, “I would encourage others to learn more about the charity:water organization and their cause. The donation from COBSAC exemplifies the character of the organizations within the Eberly College, and I hope others within and beyond the IUP community can find ways to give back through organizations such as charity:water.”

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