Business Students Learn from Hajoca

Posted on 3/1/2018 2:08:10 PM

Gene Strine, Recruiting and Business Development manager for Hajoca Corporation, presented to nearly 150 students in four classes on Tuesday, February 20, to discuss their management development and training program. Hajoca will return in March to interview students for their program. “This is a great opportunity for our students to learn this type of business and run their own facility,” said faculty member Mike Kosicek.

Hajoca Corporation is a wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating, and industrial supplies; the largest privately held wholesale distributor of these supplies in the country.

Hajoca’s name is derived from the last names of three visionaries who saw a demand for indoor plumbing (a relatively new concept in the 19th century) and vowed to make it easily available: William HAines, Thomas JOnes, and Joel CAdbury: HAJOCA for short.

They have hundreds of locations in the United States. A large company with a rich history and strong foundation that offers stability to its employees, Hajoca enjoys big-company advantages such as modern technology systems and a comprehensive benefits package; but, when you visit their individual locations, you get more of a small company feel. Employee teams operate like a family unit. They conduct business under unique trade names, and their approach is customized, honoring what’s special about each local marketplace.

The culture is decentralized and believe the important decisions should be made by the experts—the employees who serve a community—not executives in a distant corporate headquarters. The people who love working at Hajoca are comfortable with autonomy and accountability, skilled at smart decision-making, and relish hard work. Because employees run the business like it’s theirs, they get paid like it’s theirs. A significant portion of each location’s annual profits are distributed among its employees and based on individual contributions. It’s a culture well-suited for exceptional people who use their talents to drive business success.

Strine enjoyed his visit to IUP, “It was impressive that I had the opportunity to speak with about 150 students during my visit. The demographics of IUP fits very well with our company philosophy.”

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