Gomis-Izquierdo Publishes Article on 19th-Century Cuban Novel

Posted on 8/8/2018 10:19:44 AM

Vicente Gomis-Izquierdo, Department of Foreign Languages, published an article related to the Cuban novel Mi tío el empleado by Ramón Meza, an understudied text that says much about Cuba’s desire for independence.

The novel presents a grey Cuba in which the administration is absurdly corrupt, handled by greedy and uneducated people. It shows an upper class worried only about its own benefit, and a country ruled by the interests of people who did not know anything about Cuba or had even been.

With these and other tools, Meza offers an image of Spanish identity that is defined by corruption and greed, with the ultimate message that Cuba needed to break the colonial yoke in order to develop its own national potential.

Through the study of this novel, along with contemporary texts as well as postcolonial theory, the reader can see the grotesque portrait that Meza drew of the Cuban colonial government to emphasize his own conception of an independent Cuba that could move forward as a sovereign nation.